Im confused wit a guy?

I met a guy 2 months ago during a family trip, until yesterday we could go out after those 2 months. my family (cousins, aunts, my siblinbgs) know this guy but just know who he is. Yesterday for me I spent a wonderul evenng with the guy, make out and hugs included.

Because I dont want anyone to ask me about this guy but I knew eventually they know about it is the reaosn why I never told anyone I like him.

I told my sister about him yesterday and she just advice me be careful becuae you know he had mor experience in the dating relationship field before and you practically have zero experience, also act as the mature lady that you are, etc

Wel today I mentioned my brother about it, and he inmmediately told me. you do what you want but I do not recommend you that guy for you. My brother told me that because he knows the guy a bit more in time than me, he is not his best friend but since our cousin is this guy friend from high school years. My brother had gone out once with this guy and my friend for a get together. This guy I have to be honest had more expeirence with women than me, he had been in past relationship with girls unlike me.

The guy is 42 im 44

Now my brother told me that and now I starting to think bad things that he could be and I practically getting to know him

Should I listen to my brother so then i won't speak anymore?

Why men are like that? Is he more protective than women?


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  • no.. better do wot u think it's right... listenin to yer bro at this age? not so wise, sorry :)

    • Now a friend told me I should listen to my brother because men hardly recommend someone and if my brother is telling me this is beaue he has a valid reason-

      Now Im confused. Yesterday I had a good time with him and I even was going to thank him later at nite for the lovely evening and now my brother tells me this and I got worried. Like I said my brother knows him more than me and that is why my friend tells me he may be right

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    • So now what I stop tlking to the guy just like that after one date?

    • basically give him another chance and she wot will happen

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  • listen to your brother!

    • so why now all of a sudden stop talking to the guy just like that after a wonderufl evening last nite? This is the first time i met a guy that I have many things and share thing in common, he is around my age, he likes the same things like me, we have similar view on things and yesterday we had a good time. This is the reason I never had told anyone in my family about this guy cause they will start questioning me