Girls, lots of girls tell me to get a girlfriend but how?

Everyone says 'Get a girlfriend' but it's not like you can order one on eBay and they ship one to your doorstep with a tracking number.

Girls tell me to get a girlfriend but it's not like they are helping by either:
a. being my girlfriend
b. Helping me find girlfriend


*Mail order brides are also excluded.


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  • You can't just expect a woman to fall into your lap. Go forth and socialize! Seriously. Half the people in this world are female -the more things you do that involve interacting with people, the more women you'll meet. Spend time outside go to a park, a concert, a dance, a museum, a dogshow, a fair -anywhere people are chill about talking with strangers. Do things you like -being relaxed and happy is attractive. Be willing to make the first move -if you like a woman, ask her if she'd like to grab coffee sometime. Don't be a creep about rejection. If she says no, it means no, smile, say you get it, and move on. Make friends -not with sex as an endgame -just because some people are genuinely cool to know, but you won't know who without trying to get to know them first.

    • I actually do all of that but I usually move as a lone wolf so it's weird when the girl is already in a group.

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    • No I mean just talking to strangers in general. Usually I am just minding my own business and when I get approached by strangers then I feel uncomfortable.

      But I was watching Mario Bros and the plan is:

      1. talk to her
      2. Ask her to dinner at 6pm since everyone has to eat

    • Ohhh. Yeah, that makes sense. I'm shy, but I don't actually mind people, so I'm a lot more comfortable being approached. The plan sounds like a good plan -best of luck to you!

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