Found out girl I'm interested in, and she's interested in me smokes?

So I had a date with this girl the I like to night, and things are going great, we just had our first date tonight, dinner and a movie (The Age of Adaline) We then went back to my place and watched Breaking Bad, and cuddled and ate ice cream. At one point while watching Breaking Bad, Walter White smokes pot, and my gate, turns to me and asks if I smoke, and I tell her no. And she told me that she does smoke, but that she doesn't buy, and only smokes it a few times a year when it is offered to her by someone else. She also said that she doesn't really like it, so maybe she'd be willing to stop? Personally, I don't like it, and I find smoking pot to be trashy, and I've never dated a smoker, and I don't know how I feel about it, but I do like her. I really didn't say much to her about it, but I'm sure we'll talk more.


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  • if you like her, why does it matter?

    • Not everyone wants to breathe in the second hand smoke or taste cigarattes on the breath of a person. What kind of silly question is that?

    • ETA: I should have read more closely, didn't realize it was cannabis the OP was talking about. My mistake.

    • True @Nuqood, I'd prefer not to date anyone that smokes anything, but she doesn't do it that often, so I'm still not sure how I feel about it though.

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  • Doesn't sound like she smokes much. Plus pot is much easier to quit than tobacco. Ask her not to smoke around you, and if you hit it off and go together for awhile you could ask her not to do it anymore. Like I said, doesn't sound like its a big part of her life.

  • I wouldn't be able to date a girl who smokes or uses drugs.