How do I win the game?

How do I win this game that he always plays on me?
Basically I've been friends with this dude for two years and we recently came in contact once again. He would always ask me to hang out with him. Anyways I hung out with him and he's begin to distance himself. He never answers my texts when I ask him if he wants to hang out. None. And I. know he's seen them because anytime we are hanging out he has his phone right next to him/he checks it. I don't understand this game.
One second his interested and the next he doesn't care.
How do I beat him at this cat and mouse game?


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  • Fight fire with fire, I guess. Ignore him back.

    Best solution is to not play the game at all. You can also test his ego by ridiculing him publicly.


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  • You win when you ignore him for good