I've been texting a guy I met on a dating website for a month now. Too fast?

We exchanged phone numbers in a day and have been texting everyday since for a month. Usually he initiates, I have initiated only on about 5 days. We talk at least a little before saying good night. And usually talk within the day also if its the weekend. Is this too much too fast?
Is he just bored?
I've met him twice so I know he is who he says he is, at least the basic stuff


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  • I'ma discuss relationships, and not just exclusive romantic relationships, but any relationship with any person you know.

    This is your life: ()
    This is his life: []
    This is the relationship: -

    () - []

    He can't change who you are, and you can't change who he is, but both of you have a say in what the relationship is and what it produces. If you and this guy are both satisfied with what this relationship is providing, (occasional meetings and frequent texting) then I don't think there is a need to change anything. If at any point either of you want to reduce, increase, or alter the relationship, you'll have to see if the other person is still interested in keeping the relationship under the altered terms.

    There are no universal rules about what level of activity is appropriate in a relationship, so long as both members are happy with what they are receiving, and what they are being expected to give.


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  • How about meeting and starting a real relationship first?

    • I can only see him on weekends, and not every weekend