Is it ok to cry infront of my girlfriend in this matter?

Me and my ex broke up 6 months ago from a year relationship and in those 6 months some really nasty stuff happened on both sides, but i did the worst.

I broke a promise, i told a far friend of hers some nasty stuff after her far friend told a lie that she and her previous ex came back together. And from one person i found out that that was a lie and then my ex found out i broke the promise. She went mad and said she never wanted to see me ever again. This happened 1 and a half months ago

2 weeks ago we started talking again and last week we got back together, saying that all is behind us and start a new. I haven't seen her yet face to face but i will probably cry infront of her when i say that i am sorry.

Now my question is. Will she think low of me iff i do? and regret talking to me again? I really am sorry and i already told her that i was sorry via text. But it feels not enough and i think that iff i say sorry when i see her, she will see that i mean it. But i will cry, she is a really sweet girl.

And i'm not the guy that cries often, beeing the bro of 7 siblings and growing up in poverty makes you tough. so when i cry, that, person means the world to me


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  • She shouldn't think less of you for crying. You're a human being with emotions, that's normal. I would never think low of a guy just because he cries in front of me. I don't see anything wrong with that at all.


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  • No she shouldn't think any less of you for crying. Crying is a natural emotion but as long as it's genuine and your not forcing it, if you genuinely apologize and the crying is real emotion she will hopefully think higher of you :)
    Definitely say it to her face but don't over do it or plan anything be natural and genuine and if you cry that's what happens. Best of luck


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  • You can cry anytime you need to. Those who care about you won't judge you for it.

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