Does he like me?

So there's this guy. We're both the same age and I like him a lot. Right now we have an awkward friendship cause everybody always asks if he's my boyfriend whenever we're together. When they ask me I say no, cause I'm just being honest. Whenever they ask him he says yes, but I always thought he was just playing around cause that's how he is. He's always asking for hugs and sometimes I give them to him but I don't like hugs. Even when I'm not talking to him, he's trying to talk to me. He likes to show off. Sometimes when he's playing basketball he'll look over at me after making a shot for approval. I always just smile and give a thumbs up. He's told his family all about me apparently. I'm pretty sure he likes, but not completely sure. I just don't want to jump to conclusions and do something extremely stupid.


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  • He definitely likes you

    • Yay! Thanks for your comment.

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