Is he even interested?

So there's this guy that I've followed on instagram for years recently we just started exchanging likes on our pictures. He sent me a chat tried to get to know me & stuff after that convo I asked him to hangout I just thought it would be cool to meet up with this guy. So he turned down on me cause he was busy apparently when I asked him to hangout although he asked for my fb I added him on fb. So we've chatted a few times on and off but recently just a wk. ago I tried to ask him if we can hangout he said he'll get back to me if he was free, he is a paramedic all of a sudden he msgs. me saying that he is heading to my workplace to pick up a patient that needs to be transferred to the hospital. So I kinda slipped and told him that I was talkin about him with my workmates so he was full on curious what I've been telling my workmates about him I insisted not to tell him a few times then all of a sudden it seemed like he became cold, so I apologised and ended up telling him that I like him & that was the only thing I was sharing with my workmates and he said "ITS FINE" the next day he apologises to me how we didn't get to hangout the other day as he was so exhausted and reschedules our meeting. Is he even interested to get to know me?

So if this guy is interested really why is he not continuously communicating with me? (Please read previous post in relation to this question)


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  • Could be? Why would he even communicate with you if he isn't.

    • Isn't he just being friendly? by the way our flow of convo is not even everyday after that incident. He has never gotten back to me so yeah...