Shortness of breath while getting up?

Im 23 been having it since i can remeember around 16,... everytime i getup from my chair i get shortness of breath,... why?


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  • shoot I forgot what that's called, like there's a medical term for that but it's not too serious. Do you feel that way whenever you're not sitting or do you have SOB upon standing up?

    • Only when i get up from m'y chair or get out of bed in the morning

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    • Aw okay thank you very much i will try that. 😃

    • hope you feel better soon :)

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  • When you get up, the pressure in your body changes. All of the blood was on one level when you were lying down, but when you got up, most of the blood suddenly went down with gravity so your heart struggles to pump the blood back up.

    This might be have to do with your lungs too. Whenever you inhale, your lungs increase in volume so pressure decreases so air comes into you (air flows from high to low pressure). When you are lying down, you are at a higher pressure so it's easier for you to breathe. When you get up, you are at a lower pressure so it's harder for you to breathe. But this seems to be a problem associated with your lungs so I would get it checked out if it is troublesome.

    Hope that helped!! I understand the pressure part was a little complicated, but please feel free to ask any further questions.

  • See a doctor!

  • Whys is ur topic dating?


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