Interest level really goes away? Or feelings just changed?

Like what's happening to me at the moment. I knew this girl for a year and a half. We are distanced for now. She knows how much I love her, she knows how much I care for her and she said she loves me too and we really had a great connection. But everything is different now... We barely talked. I was the one who will always try to find way to keep in touch to her but now she ignores my messages. She promised and sets time when we will talk on phone but when the day come, she dissapoints and will reschedule it. It happened twice now, I tried to call her and left a message on her but she keeps ignoring. It drives me insane. And it's hard to believe that this thing is happening. Inside a year and a half, it's possible that she will still lose interest. She really means a lot to me but now I've decided to move on it's obvious that she doesn't care at all, I had no place to her and I'm tired of being ignored.


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  • I've seen women lose interest within two weeks, so a year and a half is impressive. But yes, any feelings she may have had for you are gone now, so you need to move on.

    • That truly hurts..

    • Yeah, it sucks. All guys go through the rejection process, but the upside is that you can save your time and energy for someone who really wants to be with you.

    • That's nice man. Thanks for your answer it makes my chest light a bit.

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  • Have you told her you like her?

    • Yeah, not just like. I told her that I love her.

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    • Yes. Maybe she's just waiting to independent from her parents..

    • That could be

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  • guess she avoids u... or she tries to forget about u :)

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