Girls, is this a red flag, or just harmless jealousy?

We're not dating or anything, but we've spent quite a bit of time together, and we've both been flirty, I guess. He seems sweet. Just shoooting that out there.
So, anyway I kinda messed up meeting with him, we both sent eachother confusing in coherent messages while drunk. Then the next day I was hanging out with my friend (a guy) and we bump into eachother, he had sent me a message about meeting up but I got it a little too late and responding slipped my head.
so when he saw me he seemed a little hurt, still smiled and hugged me and all that... Just seemed kind of upset. I told him I just got his message and he said it was fine and not to worry about it...
What do you make of his reaction, do you think he might be the overly jealous type or was he within reason, any other thoughts?


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  • No I don't think he's overly jealous at all. I think it just hurt his feelings which is a totally different thing and probably also threw him off guard. I would also be hurt if I was talking to a guy and the same thing happened to me.

    • Yeah, I mean I feel terrible about it... I've just dealed with crazy jealous people in the past, so I guess I wanted to get a second opinion...

    • Well so far in think you're in the clear here. Jealousy definitely can become unhealthy so I hope this is different for you.

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  • I would say that that is a reasonable reaction. He probably figured the reason you didn't reply was because you considered texting him a drunk mistake. If you like him keep talking to him. Nothing wrong with a little bit of jealousy anyway.

    • Well we've been talking for a while and I actually offered him my number cuz he's kind of shy. I would hope he doesn't think that.

    • Well then I don't think you have a problem keep texting him and see where it goes :)

  • I don't think it's jealousy but he may think that you blew him off and that you don't really want to see him. I'd text him again to see if maybe he might want to do something to make up for not meeting last time

  • Just let him know that there's nothing to worry about, or let him meet the guy too

    • Oh he met him, apparently they have a mutual friend... I think he doesn't like him cuz he kept calling him by his real name not his nick name he prefers...

    • Well, just ensure him that there's nothing for him to worry about
      so the harmless jealousy doesn't turn into that red flag

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