Getting mom back?

just over two months ago me and my fiance decided to split up she started dating another guy things looked grim. we were giving each other mixed messages. during their relationship we often call each other and texted we told each other we loved each other and we wanted to start making our family bigger. Little things have happened like holding hands kissing on the cheek the feeling between us that spark everybody loves is back. we have a2 year old daughter we were together 4 years and our relationship got stale but we both feel it coming back now I started pursuing her asking her to come back with no luck. I officially called it gave her back everything at my house her pictures books random gifts and our engagement rings and she cried. lately I've been working on myself and my daughter we've been eating healthy going out and doing things. since the break I've dropped almost 20 pounds re pierce my lips got a new haircut new clothes. she's taking notice we Skype all the time she sends me pictures of her we text even more than we did before always flirting with me hardcore always has her hands on me or holding hands we get real cheesy with each other and it's starting to get between her and her new boyfriend what can I do to speed up or amplify the process of us getting back together? I love nothing more than my family and I would be happy if we can be back together again so ladies and mothers or anyone that was in a similar relationship and made it work give me some advice or tips please. things have been going well between us but at the end of the day she still goes back to him with my kid and even though we Skype every night and talk everyday I know she is thinking about me and I just want her back. My friends tell me to keep doing what I'm doing because it's working but I would like some other tips tricks strategies to remind her why she fell in love with meand remind her that our family was always number one. how can I capitalize being her love n bby dad. Anythin

this weekend when I pick up my kids was when I really noticed that she was flirting with me more than usual very very bluntly we decided to have a family day went out for breakfast Church and shopping for the kids her boyfriend wasn't happy they got into a big argument and I could tell she was crying before she met up with me. before she left he cried and told me it was still too hard to say goodbye to me and told me she loved me. since then we haven't stopped texting


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  • Be charming.

    • I am, it seems to be working since she's openly given me compliments being flirty n being all smiles. Jw if there were other things, girls liked

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  • oh man... when u say pics of her? wot kind of pics?

    • Nothing bad just her smiling or pics of her and my kid new haircut n such innocent but I'm sure if her boyfriend knew he wouldn't be happy.