Does he sound secretive an why could it be?

So just got with a guy. He won't tell anyone about me yet. When I took pic of him yesterday he acted weird. He said not to tell anyone about him yet. It made me wonder if he's hiding things.

I asked if he's single and got kids etc an if he's married he said no. He works around corner from me. He said he don't tell people until he knows the person is good for him. I said fair enough.

He texted a lot before we met then when we met was great then after he didn't measage much. I text today he texted twice then said he's busy.

I had to walk past his shop he was on opposite side of road with door open so he saw me from across road so he's at work so I get it. His car was parked outside then when I came out shop his car was gone.

he didn't wave or anything an it just seems suspicious to me I really don't know what to think he's been on whatsapp two hours ago although we only talked via text it feels like he don't care for me an I feel disappointed


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  • He may just wants to take things a little slower. He wants to time to really get to know you. Nothing wrong with that. I don't think he's being secretive, he just wants to get more comfortable with you first. Some people adapt to relationship dynamics slower than others. He may just need more time with you. If anything just arrange a time you both can spend with each other.

    • Yeah I see what you mean. Just starting to feel unimportant already makes me wonder what things will be like in future

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  • It's one thing to not broadcast a relationship or tell everyone about someone you'll like to get to know a little more yourself but I dont see why he can't at least acknowledge u in public. Maybe he's super secretive when it's not official or maybe something fishy is going on (a girlfriend maybe) but then again maybe not. Its just a little weird that he ignores u in public.

    • I don't think he's got a girlfriend tbh but I was with my mom so was awkward to wave I didn't acknowledge him either but I see what you mean.

  • Honestly if you are sensing that this guy is a bit strange and questions are coming up, than dump him and find a man that is more secure , a man you dont have to question.

    • I do get paranoid though due to bad past of relationships

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    • You are right, give it some time but dont get to involved to quickly :) we tend to believe in the good things to fast, just be careful :)

    • I've known him 6 months though but thank you for answering

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