How do I be happy with being alone?

I've been through two girls who are emotionally unavailable. Both of them i loved and are with someone. I think about them both each day, and it seems my life is nothing but missing them. My thoughts are all made up of missing these stupid girls. I'm all alone and nobody cares. Feel like i'll never find someone and i'll never be truly happy..

How do i become happy with being alone. I feel like i'll never be happy until i find someone else. I hate that. I crave companionship and i shouldn't.


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  • You're absolutely right, you shouldn't rely on someone else for your own happiness. Now that you recognize that and ARE single, you have the chance to learn to be happy being alone. There is an enormous difference between being alone and being lonely. Find some hobbies, do things that bring you joy. Discover what makes you 'you'. Once you fulfill yourself alone you'll be in a much better mental and emotional state to be with someone else. Another person is meant to enhance your life and bring out good qualities in you, NOT 'make' you. Take all the time you need to be content and happy being alone. Like I said, figure out what you want out of life and what makes you happy. Take up some hobbies. Join some clubs. Hang out with friends, make some MORE friends. You'll attract much better quality people if you, yourself, are a confident and secure man who knows his worth and is able to be alone without wallowing in it. I promise. People sniff out need. You'll meet people who rely on someone else needing them, and you'll never be truly happy or healthy.

    • Everything you say is true. I've been fighting the being alone and happy thing my whole life. But being with someone makes life so much better for me, and i feel like i can do anything whenever im with someone. But when im alone, life is dull, and sad. Dont get me wrong, i do everything i can to be content with myself. I go out all the time with friends, and i play guitar. But it just seems to me that being with someone will always be better. I wish it wasn't like that, but it really is. Especially when someone you loved cheated on you, and is currently with the person they cheated on you with. Makes you feel like complete and utter shit, and makes the craving of being with someone all the more powerful.

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  • just stop thinking about it! live and be happy.


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  • It's simple, you have to tell yourself the hard truths.
    7 billion people on the the planet
    each one of them is different
    you will never meet each of the 7 billion people
    and finding the ONE is impossible due to that fact.
    Life isn't a movie, or a tv show with happy endings
    it's life, and life sucks.
    it throw you all around and you think "ill just get back up"
    DONT, thats how you get even more hurt
    instead, only do what you have to, can do, and want to.
    so my advice to you is, find something else
    i found video games and trying to create content.
    not totally happy though, nobody is ever truly happy.
    so dont think about what you dont have, think about what you want.
    then join me in a game of battlefield because that shit is fun

  • Start doing stuff by yourself you need to release the stupid notion that once you get into a relationship everything will be better... thats just not true, and if you continue to think that way you will not only hurt yourself but future relationships.

  • I know how you feel man. It's ok, you're not the only one who thinks that. Many people feel like this when they are put down. I'm going through this myself. You should cry it out, and you'll feel better, which I did. Do something you like to do or something that can get your mind off it. And don't worry, you'll find someone else one day.