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me and my ex split up 2 months ago we were together for almost 4 years we have a2 year old daughter together. lately we have been talking a lot texting she asked me to download Skype see her and our kid. the catch is she has a boyfriend. at first after the break up our emotions were all over the place some days we texted each other and tell each other we miss each other and love each other and how we wanted our family to Grow. other days we didn't talk at all and were really short with each other only talking about the kid. lately the holding hands in the gotten to be a constant thing after a hug were openly flirting with each other and complementing each other. I have noticed that it is mostly her complementing me. about how I have lost weight. New clothes new haircut how she loves my smile. when we Skype I try and make it about our kid but she always put your face in the picture always tries to look nice even sent me a picture of her. we've been talking more and more even went out for breakfast Church and shopping for the kid. it is causing problems in their relationship but she hasn't stopped talking to me. I do love her and my little girl and I want them back can someone help me by giving me tips on what's going on. The last time we hung out she came in kiss our kid goodbye walk to the door look at me and told me it is still too hard to say goodbye to me she cried I hug her and she told me she loved me. I feel like now that we have had our time apart the fire is starting to rekindl and were missing each other at first I was the one making all the moves and stopEd cuz I felt it was hopeless now she's the one doing the work and I'm happy but I want to know how I can escalate things in my favor for our family sake. how do I make her think about me and our little family more she is already attracted to me I can tell by the open and blunt flirts from her I know she loves me and our family and she is very confused. what do I have to do to win her back? it is a really weird situation but I know we are attracted to each other and we love each other and I'll do what I have to to get my family back. how do I capitalize on my strengths n bring her back?


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  • What was the reason for the split?

    • I was going through a depression and I distance myself from her. her friends and family convince her to go. I guess one of her so called friends just wanted her for himself and now they're together but two months of therapy twice a week by two different therapists a lot of church and working on myself I finally found myself and I think she sees it I know she sees it I don't know if it's because she's too scared to come back and go through all oh that again or what. At first I did not know what to do but now I know not depressed anymore and everytime I see her we have such a great time talking and laughing hanging out with our and she sees that she even told me herself one time that she didn't want to hang out with me and our kid because it hurts too much to see how close we are and how she wished that I was like that sooner

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    • Gosh well, you guys are young. That's a bit of a messy road her running off with some guy. I'm not judging but depression comes and goes so it needs to be something you guys have a plan for in the future. I know right now you just want then back but without that your life is going to be stuck on reruns. Have you talked to your therapist about this?

      Depression is manageable with the proper tool kit. You also need a gal who will stand by her man be it depression, loss of limbs or whatever may come within reason (no beating or drugs).

      You guys are young though and have a kid so I've seen younger married people make a few stumbles like this but come back stronger. while I don't think they are in the majority it is not uncommon. Just make sure she is pulling the needed emotional weight. None of us are perfect but some people fit better together than others. Best

    • Ya, I'm no drug user and iv never put my hands on her. Like I said I was real distant I have always taking care of her and my kid since the day my daughter was born and always provide a roof over our head food clothes paid almost all the bills. before my daughter was born she was the one taking care of me I was homeless and jobless clothes food hotels make sure I was okay all the time. I changed my life for the better and always wanted to take care of my family this past winter I got laid off of work she took care of all my bills and I felt like crap unworthy and ashamed. I made more than twice when she made and saw it paying the bills was killing her and it made me feel worse so I kept to myself in the spare room waiting to get called into work I did tell her I loved her and kissed her but not as much as I should have looking back now it does look bad but I swear on my life her kid are my everything

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