How come his friends behave differently around me now?

So I have noticed that something isn't right between us.
His friends usually talks to me a lot but now they didn't even say hi to me they were more silent than usual. One of his girl-friends always talks to me a lot too but she barley said a word to me and avoided eye contact, she didn't even say goodbye. The others seemed weird too. Is this a warning sign because this isn't like it used to be.


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  • sounds like a warning sign.


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  • oh well... maybe they just do t 2 be nice?

    is this guy yer bf?


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  • They were talking about you badly. Has your boyfriend been trashing you? Does he think you're cheating or is he?

    • He thinks I'm seeing someone else and playing around. I know he is talking to another girl but I don't know how serious it is. He's not my boyfriend yet though.