Do I tell him how I feel or will it push him away?

Posted about this guy before. I am probably over analysing. Im pretty sure this guy likes me. We are dating and have been for like 3 months now but lately i feel like im just annoying him. He used to text me (not loads) but he would always text me at the end of the day asking how my day has been or would ask to see me. Since our conversation last week about "what are we" which amounted to him saying we are seeing each other exclusively and thats how he wants it to stay for now because he doesn't want to "call it too soon", I feel like he has backed off a lot. He will respond if I text him but he never initiates anymore and he hasn't asked to see me either.

What do I do? I dont like talking to people about how I feel like most people I have "trust issues" but I know I am falling for this guy and it scares the crap out of me. He isn't much of a talker about his feelings either we are more of a have a laugh and goof around kind of couple. Whenever I see him I dont doubt how he feels but when Im not with him it feels like he has backed off. Do I talk to him about how I feel? Do I tell him that im falling for him and I need to know how he feels? Will it push him away? Or do I wait and maybe have the conversation later?

Regardless of whether telling him how i feel pushes him away... at least I would know where I stand. I mean if he says he doesn't want us to continue or whatever yeah it will really hurt but at least im not making a fool of myself... but at the same time I really dont want to lose him. Long story but he has been there for me through the hardest moment in my life and everything he has done... he wouldn't have stuck around through all that if he didn't feel the same away about me would he?

I should mention he has never had a long term relationship... red flag or just hasn't found the right girl?

Please help a girl out!


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  • yes u have nothing lose i guess... anyway if he was never in a LTR before... doesn't mean he's a bad guy

    • He isn't a bad guy I know that. But if a girl told you how she was feeling about you would you freak out or appreciate her being honest?

    • appreciate her being honest!

    • Thanks! Im going to talk to him about it all when i next see him. Like you say i have nothing to lose and even if things dont go the way I want at least I know where i stand and am not wasting my time on something that won't happen

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  • I would ignore him, see if he actually wants to talk to you. He will text you if he really cares about you.

    • And if he doesn't text me, then what? Im not the type of girl who appreciates being ignored and not knowing where I stand, I would rather him tell me even if its not what I want to hear

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    • Nah indirect isn't my style. If he isn't interested anymore he should at least have the decency to tell me after everything we have been through.

    • Okay, then yes you should just ask him straight up.

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  • what ended up happening? did you tell him? Im in a very similar situation:(

  • you should tell him!

    • I want to... but what if im making a big deal out of nothing and end up losing him over it? am i over analysing?