Do I accept the friend request from the girl I've been talking to's possible new boyfriend?

I want to be perfectly clear, she started talking to me first... TLDR at bottom
Anyway I flirted with a girl for a while we seemed to be kicking it off sge wouldn't stop about how seetbi was or touching up on me and calling me cute...
wed met at a couple parties and just started hanging out, one of those parties she was hugging me all night, till an incident happened and I had to take care of her friend.
anyway one of our hangouts she meets with a male friend, they seem close but she still stays by me.
Next week sge responds less but still quite enthusiastically. Today I message her, she doesn't responf in 2 hours, but suddenly I get a friend request from the dude. For the record I've been nothing but respectful to her never talking sexual even if she seems open to it cuz she flirts with other dudes openly on FB, though not personally like she did with me...
TLDR I fell for a gal, she may be seeing someone, she got distant, just now ignored a text and the dude she may be seeing just sent me a friend request.

Yeah some of these details might be familiar but the situations changed...


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  • hmmm tda guy who send u a friend request... doesn't sund good bro... he might b jealous

    • Yeah... Or she decided I'm annoying and wants him to tell me off or something... I don't know should I ignore it?

    • Better dont accept

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  • don't accept it.

    • Why do you think he sent it? I don't wanna accept it :/
      What if I've started to annoy her (though I don't think I've done anything bad last time we talked on FB she called me sweet and spammed smileys at me...
      I really don't want too...

What Guys Said 2

  • Probably best not to.

    • Yeah... I'm not drinking or anything tonight cuz I'm afraid I might accept it.

    • Lol just reject it and it won't pop up again

    • Huh, yeah probably shoulda done that instead of leaving my pals house early lol

  • It's up to you, really. I tried to date this one girl in high school; she turned me down and started dating this other dude. He and I ended up becoming good friends. You gotta hate the game, not the player.

    • No. I hate this guy lol... He was with another one of my friends and cheated on her... But he's also buddies with other friends of mine, part of me is scared sge doesn't want to tell me herself and is having him shut me down...

    • Okay, if you hate the guy, it's probably best to turn down the friend request.