Boy help! Is this fate?

This guy and I have been talking for over a year and go on dates. We are in college and I'm transferring and moving this summer because my family moved for my dads career. Coincidentally this guys family moved to the same area about 5 months later. He is going to graduate this next year then move to where I will be and where his family is. We both like eachother but aren't exclusive but I would like to be. Is it bad to think that there is a reason we will both end up in the same area?


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  • I'll be honest with you, I'm kind of in a crap mood, or I would tell you it's fate...
    Truth is, it's not, but you like him so anything you see pertaining to him, you'll call fate, any sign good or bad, you'll think of positively. That's how being smitten effects you, you know?
    There's nothing wrong with being hopeful and taking advantage of circumstances, but take it from me, putting your future in the hands of destiny can leave you miserable.
    But hey, good luck :) I'm happy for your circumstances.


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  • it's fate! :D