What's the best online dating site in your opinion?

I've tried online dating at a couple of places before and found that some are really quite different. Some sites cost money while others don't. I tried match.com for awhile, but that got expensive after some time. What is your opinion on online dating sites? I'd like to find something where I could meet decent, nice guys that aren't just looking for a hook-up but something that is preferably free or at least cheap. Any ideas?


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  • Hi...I've been on many sites: Match, eHarmony, Jdate, PlentyOfFish, Yahoo Personals, Speed Date, etc. I could go on. It's like I'm road testing them out for other people.

    I have found that the free sites (POF, Yahoo, SpeedDate, etc) where you can work the system for free, but also purchase premium services, attracts more of the serial daters or those who want to hook up. It makes sense...if you just want to get laid, why pay for a dating site, right? I said in my profiles that I was looking for long term, but it doesn't matter. There are players there that will tell you what you want to hear, and then be all about the booty call when you finally talk to them.

    I think MONEY speaks volumes. If you have to shell out $23/month (like Match) you will be more serious about your intentions and not just messing around and playing games.

    I've found some real wack jobs on Match, so it's definitely not perfect, but I think it weeds out the casual psychos that toy with girls, because it's free to do so.

    I would also recommend that if you go to a pay site, work it like a job. (I know, it sounds funny) but it IS a job. I make my search requirements exactly what I want, and when I have time, spend like an hour going through and emailing just those guys that have those requirements. I also need to quickly decline the winks and emails of guys that solicit ME, because it's a huge time waster to email everyone back and say "no thanks". NO reason to do that. Delete and move on. it's part of the process.

    I've had some good and bad luck...but it takes time, and unless you want to go to a matchmaker (and pay $15 grand) this isn't THAT expensive or time consuming as trollin the clubs lookin for that one good guy... ; )

    good luck.


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