Is there a way to be seen as girlfriend material AFTER sexual favours?

Ok I'm gunna try and make this brief but give you the full picture... There's a guy at work who has asked me out for drinks and dinner months and months ago but I was always hesitant, thinking he was playing around, nevertheless a few weeks ago we started talking on whatsapp and things got pretty heated, we were talking about our fantasies etc. and a lot of our answers matched up and he said it was so impressive and they need more girls like me. He then said but now things are complicated, as he's seeing someone else, but he's on the fence about it as he's not sure if he wants to be committed or just have fun... So we went out for drinks and we talked a lot about our commitment issues and he explained why he wasn't sure he could ever commit to anybody because of the past and he also said that if he could put my adventurous and maturity into the girl (she's 17, he's 21 and i'm 19) then it would be perfect... And that he likes the chase about her and he's not sure what's going to happen after he gets her (assuming he means sleep with her)... Basically we then left and things happened in his car (no sex), I gave but didn't receive.. He then proceeded to tell me he needed to get that out of his system before pursuing the other girl so that he wouldn't rush into things with her... I put myself on the line and said would you re-consider and maybe think about me but he said that the thought had crossed his mind in the past but he's a man of his word and wants to continue with the other girl but if things go badly with her then he'll re-consider!

I'm now thinking that I sort of like this guy and I know I shouldn't but we really connected, how can I now get him to see me as something other than a piece of fun? As someone he can have a relationship with and get the other girl out the way? Should I be honest with him and say that I'm into him and want to take it further? His friend says he's pretty set on this girl and that he talks about her a lot but I've never been mentioned... I really don't know what to do... Is there any way back from this?


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  • I don't think that possible