Boy I like is coming round in 3hours were going to watch films and cuddle but I'm so nervous?

The boy I like is the year below me (year 9) so he is a little less mature than me but not really immature, I think we're going to watch films in bed. But I'm do nervous I'm shaking, I know he likes me because he asked me out yesterday but I said no because I wanted to get to know him first!
Can you guys please give me some suggestions on these topics;
1) what to do when he arrives
2) what to do during the film
3) what to do when the film is over
4) what to say when it's awkward or silent
5) how to cuddle him in the film

sorry I'm asking so much I really want this to be perfect!


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  • When he arrives have a happy positive vibe and hug him tightly. Its a warm welcome and a great start to the night. During the film sit closely to him and then later lie down and u can either put your legs on his lap, lean on him and use him as a pillow or something that u feel comfortable with. If he moves away then you know its a no go. But if he does nothing or moves closer to you then its yay kay. When the film is over u can talk about the film or u can just hug him and enjoy his company. When its awkward or silent, u can actually use these moments to your advantage. Giv him strong eye contact with your best puppy eyes and this will increase the sexual tension. Have a smile and if he keeps eye contact then uit means he is connecting with u. If he looks away then it might be awkward and then u can say u won the staring contest. Lol. Just make the night playgul and happy and laugh a lot. It will just make it more awkward if u r serious all the time. But then again it depends on what movie u r watching. Hope this helps a little.


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  • just be natural
    imagine a girlfriend of yours is coming over
    guys love a natural attitude
    too much advice and tips ruin the fun
    human relationships are not dictated by dating tips
    it should all be fine if you be yourself😊

  • When he arrives, be enthusiastic and give him and hug and ask him how his day has been. During the film, you can ask if he wants something to eat or drink and when the film is over that is up to you what you would like to do. And just let the conversation go naturally, silences are good at times.

    • thankyou, this helped a lot ☺️

  • Year 9 ? What's that in American

    • He's 14 years old I'm 15

  • He's 9 years old? WHAT?

    • no he is 14, he is in year 9

    • oh I see, um... just be friendly and open minded and ask him if he wants anything (cough, not sex of course)..

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  • Don't even cuddle that defeats the purpose of getting to know someone first. Just do what you say you want to do. GET TO KNOW HIM FIRST

    • well I do know him, meant get to know him meaning how he will act in a relationship in private and in front of our friends. But thankyou