Will he forget about me?

Just a little two weeks ago, I joined OkCupid. On that dating website, I met a guy that I really liked.
We live in different states, however, I will be going to his state during this summer for a 6 week program. We planned to see each other, and we had an instant connection after we met each other.
I really, really like him, but I didn't want to get emotionally attached to him.
Not only because I'm afraid that he'll break my heart, but because I usually lose focus on my school work whenever I fall in love.
Anyways, after a short while of talking to him, I told him that I didn't want to talk that often because of my insecurities and because I didn't want to become emotionally attached to anyone, including him.
He sent me a really long message in reply. He said that it's understandable, and I should do whatever's best for me. In addition, he also told me that part of him wants to become closer to me and not care about the distance and other barriers, but the other part of him wants to wait and see if we would ever re-renter each other's lives. However, he still agreed to my original opinion, that is, to stop talking, or at least not contact that often...
I replied with an apology, and telling him that I'm still looking forward to see him during this summer.
He didn't say anything after that.

Right now I really regret telling him that I want to take a break...
If we do stop messaging each other until we meet up (which is in about 1 month), will he forget about me?
We only talked for about 2 weeks, but we also skyped everyday during that period.
Also, it was really obvious to me that he liked me, and I also told him that I really liked him...

by the way, we never actually started the "online dating" thing. It was more like an emotional attachment: Spending time with each other just because we enjoy each other's company.


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