Is love really dead?

So I read this the other day and thought it was an interesting take. I'm posting to see if people do think love is dead.

":Love is a mutual exchange like friendship with benefits. It is not your stereotypical 1950s hallmark moment where you meet the one girl of your dreams and you have the nuclear family with the white picket fence and a dog and friendly neighbors. Women today are entitled to the extreme, you can blame the government for replacing the role of men or even feminism for their extremist views which have indoctrinated young boys, who weren't dealt with the best hand.

You have the sad cowardly nerd who never gets the courage to approach women. The provider/reliable stable family man father of 3 happy as could be, until she delivers the divorce papers. The high school football player who has a full scholarship and bright future until he knocks up the wrong girl. The desperate middle aged man who orders a mail order bride who leaves him once she gets her green card, etc . The examples are endless, but you get the point Women can be the singles greatest blessing or curse in your life.

Society has lied to you convincing you that girls (who are getting close to their highest peak in terms of sex drive) like sensitive men who write poems just as much as they like jocks, druggies, or bad boys who drive the nice cars.

Whereas girls were told: "Be obnoxious, arrogant and have a lot of maxie. Men should like you for you. And you can have it all." Boys are told to "be kind, sensitive, caring, and nice. Women are shallow for wanting your money. You are privileged and have all these advantages being male." As soon as you learn to accept that the problem is not you, but society as a whole, then and only then will you begin seeing LOVE for what it truly is A GAME."

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Love's not dead, you know I think whoever was writing this is pretty bitter though...
    First off, it's not like we don't suffer from these things too, it makes it seem like we have fangs and stuff and are just constantly plotting lol. Truth is a guy can do this kinda stuff to us too.
    Um, aside from that that whole tirade about jocks versus poets? That was soo stupid. I mean everyone has a preference though you know. Like if you're a shut in book lover, maybe the mountain climbing club chick ain't your thing.
    I'm reminded of a quote too. "That's why ice cream stores don't just sell chocolate and vanilla, every once in a while some one comes in and orders butter pecan 😉"
    So yeah everyone has there thing.
    And I know plenty of dudes and dudettes that are hopeless romantics! Yeah the people that aren't are more open now, but that just makes it easier to find the good ones :)


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What Girls Said 3

  • love is not dead, nor will it ever die as long as humans exist.

    • There is no such thing as love. Humans experience chemical reactions which makes them become more attached to each other.

      This is the truth Anna. You will never be loved, there is no god, religion is all about control. The human condition is an illusion.

    • yawn. u bore me. @urotsukidoji

    • Someone is on crack @Urotsukidoji

  • Love is far from dead

  • Loves not dead however cynisism seems to be alive and kicking.


What Guys Said 3

  • love's still alive 8)

  • Love is the one thing most people search for and it's not always easy to find it

  • It's dying.