Is this a bad dating sign?

Met online.
Went on one date.
He msgs daily/ rarely calls.
Initiates small text talk.
Asks about my day/ wishes me good morning
Sometimes wishes me goodnight
Is very busy

We are both close in age.. He seems like a true good guy as he never says or sends anything inappropriate.

Problem is.. he hasn't asked me out to a 2nd date, its only beem about 2-3 wks sinve we last met up.. For an early day type of date. He kinda briefly touched on the subject after our first date. that may have been a courtesy gesture, kinda like the equivalent of.. yeah we should do this again, but not those exact words.

He continues to message me.. Though the good nights have lessened and his texts are kinda shortened, delayed and almost feel half invested I don't know.

Thoughts? Is he just a busy guy? He does a job and a side job.. that keep him preoccupied.


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  • not at all... since he still textin u :)

    • That's good, he strikes me as the any type, can you give some insight why he may not ask me out on a second date? :(

    • maybe he believes it's early?

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  • This is a complete waste of your time. If a guy wants to see you he will make time for you.

    • That is what I was scared about.. But he is genuinely very busy, he gets home and falls asleep from a long day?

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  • He is probably just busy. If he wasn't interested in you, he wouldn't be texting at all. My experience is that guys who are not interested, even if they still wanna be nice, don't contact you after the date anymore. If they are nice, they may answer if you contact them, but they certainly wouldn't initiate contact themselves, left alone on a regular basis.

    • Thank you, this is actually quite reassuring I guess I'll give it some time and see if he sets up another date! :)

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    • Thank you so much! I believe you are right, I do need to be more patient, sometimes yi just get so excited to meet someone so kind and great , and it is very likely that his job his top priority. Thank you so so much!!

    • I know, right? Us girls get so much easier excited about relationships than boys... But I'm sure everything will be fine with you and your guy. As long as you can live with his job being first priority... That's not a bad thing, by the way, it's pretty common in guys and doesn't mean they don't care about us.