Is he to determined?

So there is a guy who i went to high school with we barely talked till the last year in school when i took intiative. We had a chill friendship and i moved for college. we stopped talking not sure why but after 5 years i saw him at the beach and he remembered my name and gave me his number. i was shocked cause i didn't think he would be interested. i didn't text him till i left the beach. and apparently he forgot one number in his number so he wrote me a message on ig to make sure i had the right number lol. which is crazy because months ago i sent him a message on ig and never got anything back. but anyway i feel wow he wanted to make sure i had the right number and im just wondering now after 5 years now he desires to take a chance and he said it was harder back then but I don't know. anyway i was just wondering what could going on in his head lol. but we have been texting back n forth since he gave me his number so we shall see where things lead.


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  • No he isn't

  • he's very determined.

    • Now my question is what is he determined about? It just crazy never been in this situation