Caught between two loves and needs to choose.

OK so there's this girl who I've been off and on with going on 2 years now and another girl who I wanted to talk to at one point. Now the thing is that the girl who I've been on and off with has been sending me mixed signals recently one day she says she wants me and the next she says she doesn't know. Now the only reason to which I still try and get back with the first girl is because I love her, I took her virginity, and she's like my twin. Now with the second girl, she was always around me but we never really talked but whenever we did it was the best convo's ever and when I'm with her I feel better and less stressed than when I'm with girl number 1. But the thing is I've tried so hard to get #1 back and were about to go back out but girl #2 has started talking to me and I have to admit I'm really feeling her... but do I throw away what I've worked so hard to get back? Someone help if you can.


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  • sorry as your not going to like this!

    ok you say ur in love with girl number 1 and you have be having an on off relationship for 2 years now it's sounds to me as she is playing games with you dose she know that your in love with her? if she dose then you need to ask her where you stand as like you say she wants you one minute then the next she has changed her mind I'm sorry that's not good enough it's mind games!

    alot of people I know say that you can't like 2 people in the same way at the same time well there wrong as I've been in a simular situation myself and it wasn't that long ago and I can remember how stressed I felt I would wake up with a heavy feeling in my gut and I would have a constent headache relationships shouldnt be like that

    if you want to be with girl number 1 then you need to find out what it is she wants and if she doesn't give you a concreat answer then you need to walk away and give girl number 2 a chance and see where it goes.

    r you could take a time out from relationships all together but no matter what the desicion is down to you alone?


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