Feelings accur when?

My dating life has had its ups and downs. I joined an app called JSwipe and I met a guy. We been going on a few dates. This Saturday we'll be going out to the movies to see "ALOHA". Suprisningly he picked the movie which i wanted to see. I guess he knew without even asking. So being on our fourth date this weekend we've been opening up to each other. I never understand the right time to bring up how we feel about each other. Because we've kissed here and there cuddled watching a movie at my place. He knows his boundaries by how far to go. I want to play my cards right I want it to turn out to be good.

Sorry I meant *occur


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  • guess he picked da movie u wanted to see... in order 2 pass as nice?

    • He's been nice to me this whole entire time. His feelings have opened up more and I'm nervous to tell him my feelings when it's only our 4th date.

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  • bring it up next time you cuddle.

    • I'm so nervous. I mean last night he texted me I think it was opening up to me. He said "I miss kissing your sweet soft cheeks :)" I asked "are you trying to charm me?" He said "no I was just telling you how I feel." What now?