Does he think the relationship is just temporary?

i just recently get back with my ex and were starting fresh.. we broken up for 6 months and was seeing each other for over a year..

well before we broken up, when he plans things for the future he includes me..

but now that we broken up and get back together, he doesn't do that anymore..

i know its a little bit early and i know he's not that on that page yet again..

but it feels like he's being insensitive, talking about his future wife, future family, it makes me feel that our relationship is just temporary..

and also i was teasing him if he do missed me while i was away. and he said no.

I don't know if im just being too emotional too sensitive too overreacting..

it amkes me fell that ny efforts ny kove and everything will just be gine ti waste


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  • I think he's being cautious

    • what do you mean he is being cautious

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    • he's the one that break up with me -.- .. yeah thats what i thought too.. but whats the point of getting back together then -.-

    • I don't think he's planning anything he's just being noncommittal

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  • when he says future wife... does he mean about u?

    • no, he didn't say it was me or referring it was me. he is talking in general

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