Says we're friends but acts like a couple?

Hey guys I could use some help here,

I've known this girl for 5-6 months and we've been close ever since. At first, I never had the intention of dating this girl but we still flirted a bit and teased each other all the time. But I guess I friendzoned myself when I asked her for advice on a girl I had a crush on. She helped me out but things didn't work out with my crush so I quickly moved on. I've noticed however, that lately I've become even closer to my "friend" and we would literally act like a couple. All her friends and all of my friends would ask us if we are a dating or friends with benefits, and we would always laugh and say no we're just friends. But it kind of bothered me. Because I've noticed that she would sometimes act like she's interested and having at least friends with benefits relationship would work well. We click and have the chemistry and everyone knows it. But at the end of the day, it would always be just friends. Whenever I try and make a move, she would counter it with "just friends" or "in your dreams, we'll be friends with benefits "
But she has said that she wants a great friendship first, then she may consider something with me since we still have a long future ahead with our relationship (2+ years minimum cus of school).

I plan on sitting down sometime and have a serious talk with her about it since all of this was through text. I'm not sure how I should approach this situation as a whole. Remain friends and grow the friendship? Or walk away (but then things will back fire)?

Any advice would be great. Thank you.


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  • maybe she considers da fact being a couple at some point?


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  • Thats what my girlfriend told me as well but yet she lived with me

  • Yes this happened to me. Almost every last detail down to the part about our friends asking if we were together. It turned into a relationship and went O. K. for a while