I'm supposed to go to this concert with my crush.. but now I have no ride there?

There's this guy I've been having a thing with for a long time and we both like each other. I was really happy when he asked me about going to a two-day concert with me happening on a Friday and Saturday and we love the same type of music. It's been planned to be us two.

The problem is that I got a new job working at a restaurant and they will not let me take Friday off (even though I asked for it), and will have to close at 1 am that night (meaning I get home at 2am). I told him about this and if we can just get the one day pass for Saturday instead, he said that was fine.

Anyways then he found out that his favourite artist, ever, is playing on Friday and not the Saturday, so he was bummed about that. I told him no one's accepted to do a schedule change with me so I'm stuck.

He just called to talk to me about how he's going to do the two days instead ad just hang with his guy friends on the first. So that means I'm going to get no ride to the festival on Saturday, and will take to take the express bus. The concert is 1 1/2 hours from us. Another problem is that there's no express bus directly there on Saturday, so I will have to take 2 buses, which means it's gonna take me 2 hours to get there, and I'm gonna be exhausted from work the night before.

Now I feel like he wants to see this one artist more than he wants to spend quality time with me, and this is getting too stressful. He's still ognna drive me back to my place after as promised before, but still. I bought my ticket last week for 100$ no refunds.. now I'm just upset and I'm second guessing this guy (not sure if I'm overreacting because I'm really upset he's making it hard on me). My close friends don't like the same type of music.

I don't know what to do :(


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  • If I was going to take you to a concert, I would pay for it and drive you there myself... just saying.

    • He was going to! What I'm saying is that he's driving up there on the Friday . and it's 1.5 HOURS away. So of course he's gonna stay in a hotel Friday night. He's offering to pick me up from the bus station in the city but what Im also saying is I'm gonna be up till 2-30 Friday night working at a busy restaurant, then have to get up early to take 2 buses which is gonna take 2 hours to get there. He already knows I'm stressed out about it and he's making it harder for me. I know he wants to see his favourite artist but still.. he performs in the city like once/twice a year. It's not once in a lifetime..

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    • I asked my friend last night for advice and introduced me to a new bus service that goes all the way up there that I should take. I texted him again last night saying I could take this bus there no problem and to let me know if he still wants me to go with him. No response last night and it's past noon now and still nothing.. :(

    • Hmm, good luck is all I can really say, I guess. Taking one bus is good. OH AND DONT text him, call him!

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  • 100 bucks... gosh

    anyway can;t u ask yer parents or someone else?

    • I don't live with my parents, they're 45 mins away and they're not gonna spend 2 hours driving me there..

    • then another relative? friend?

    • Nope :( 100% sure. I told him I may not be able to go anymore and he was like "why not?" Do I told him the situation that taking 2 buses there is pushing me. Then he responded that he can drive all the way back to pick me up. I responded back saying that i wouldn't want him to have to drive all the way back to get me if he doesn't really want to.. And now that his guy friend are going I feel like I'm not needed there anymore.. I basically told him how I felt. But he hasn't responded for a while yet

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  • Can one of your friends drive you there?

    • I don't have any close friends that wanna go.. and I didn't bother asking because I thought it was gonna be me and him

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    • Lyft looks like it works like Uber, you need the app to request a ride, so I'd imagine they would. Curb seems to work the same way as well, and on their site, they list cities they're located in. Here are the links:

    • I did the estimator and it'll cost me $200 to get there..

  • what ended up happening. ..

  • ask him if he can give you a ride.

    • He can't.. he's gonna drive all the way there on the Friday (1.5 hours away) and stay in a hotel.

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