Guys, I didn't hear from him today, but does that mean he isn't interested?

I met a guy Friday , we talked all weekend, and he came over to my house Sunday and Monday to hang out. Sunday night he said he wanted to come back over again the next day, and yesterday he brought up going to the movies today, but we didn't because I never heard from him. He usually texts me in the morning when he wakes up, but today he didn't, and I didn't text him because I didn't want to seem clingy - even though I really would've liked to see him. Is this a "bad" sign or am I overthinking it? Would he appreciate it if I texted him first, or should I wait for him to do that?


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  • I'd text him to see what's going on. you're not being clingy trust me. Maybe he was just really busy. Or maybe he just decided he didn't want to and didn't wanna hurt your feelings. Its better to just text him and ask him yourself.


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