I've only ever liked guys who are 21-23 years old is that wierd?

I'm 24 now and tend to be attracted to slightly younger guys (over 20). Thing is I liked the same age group when I was 12, but then they were married by the time I was 18 lol. When I was 18, I liked the same 21-24 year olds. At that time it was the normal age difference. Now I like the same age group but they are younger. Older guys seem to get old very fast. Have I just not grown up?


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  • I don't think it's that weird. Guys mature later than women, and at that age, guys are pretty much in their prime when it comes to hormones etc.

    Lots of older women want to be with guys that age, but there is still some stigma attached to it, so I guess some of them refrain from pursuing it.

    But trust me, if you're relatively normal, a lot of guys will dig it. Especially with casual relationships. Many guys want more intimacy in their lives.

  • I think that's kind of weird I always thought girls like more mature men


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