Am I in love? And is he in love with me?

I'm so unsure with my feelings at the moment. I'm currently going out with a guy, and we've been together for about two months (known each other for about a year and a half). Thing is, I'm not sure if I'm in love or not. I do get anxious at the thought of breaking up with him, though. But the thing is, I also don't know if he's in love with me. Sometimes I'm a bit detached toward him, sometimes not. He acts noticably nonchalant, and a lot of people seem to think we aren't together anymore, since we're both not the types to be affectionate, especially in public. However in private he's all over me. I'm not very affectionate in general, but I think about him a lot, that's for sure. He even says he daydreams about me sometimes. He also sometimes takes me out to dinner, and suggests things we could do in the near future. What does it mean if he acts all nonchalant? Are some guys generally like that, or are they putting up a show to look 'cool'? And why does he tease me SO much? He teases me constantly, but it's possibly because I apparently have a 'funny' reaction. This guy is quite confusing, because he's rather mysterious, and acts nonchalant about a lot of things. Has anyone here had any experience with a guy like that? If so, please leave a comment about it. :) Serious answers only.


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  • You'll know if you're in love