Was this convo over?

Just want to know if I should have replied back? Could this be the reason why she hasn't replied back after texting her two days later?

Me: Almost forgot! Here's my number...(my name). Have a great day, it was nice meeting you!

Her: Hahaha yea I totally forgot to get yours. Thanks for stopping by haha 😊

I texted her again today, she never replied 😔
she just texted back and the date is on :)


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  • For me, it would have been over. I don't know some people like to do the whole smiley face thingie back and forth.

    • I had just asked her out and gotten her number when I sent her this. She seemed sooo into me too, instantly smiled when I asked her to dinner and didn't hesitate at all when she said yes. I texted her today so we could figure out the details, but she never replied back. I'm just trying to figure out if I did anything wrong. Thoughts?

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    • I'm not an idiot I can tell when a girl is interested or not, and she was undoubtly very interested. I caught her checking me out sooo many times. She had a giant smile on her face the whole two hours that we were talking. I caught her putting on lipstick and adjusting her clothes and she tried to hide it the moment she heard me coming. She even forgot to take the little anti theft things from my clithes bc she was so distracted and couldn't concentrate after I asked her out. That's why I find this so confusing, she was interested in me. What changed?

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  • I don't know what else you could possibly have said. Maybe she is a boring person who can't handle the burden of a conversation.

    • I just want to know why she hasn't replied back, she was so clearly into me, I'm legitimitely very confused and it sucks because I really liked her.

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    • I sent it at 4pm, it's 11pm now

    • She probably just forgot. Send her another one tomorrow.

  • Wait for her text.

    • If she doesn't, should I give her one last text in like two days?

    • Sure.

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  • Yeah u fucked up! Try to fix it

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