Apology in written letter form?

How would you feel about receiving a written letter of apology from someone your were "seeing"
a sincere honest apology

i hurt someone mad them really mad and he wouldn't talk to me so I hand wrote this apology and posted it to his home.

I accepted tee all blame and made it clear I didn't want nothing

what at would you think?


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  • I would keep it somewhere safe, thank you for it, and let you know that I forgive you.


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  • It's the only form of apology that would be genuine, to me.

  • Since he won't talk to you, how are you suppose to give that apology letter form to him via mail?

    • I wrote the letter and posted it to his home
      I've cut contact he left the contact open
      I want him to see I expect nothing just wanted to apologise in a true way if I left contact open he might think I was doing it for him to talk to me 😊

    • Some people forgives but never forgets

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  • I would accept the apology but that would be it. If I cut off contact it is for a good reason

    • I've cut the contact he left the contact open

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    • I know that I don't want back in to his life I just wondered how it might be perceived I've never in my life written an apology lol never had too
      I just hope it's accepted as genuine I cut contact so he wouldn't think I done it to get his to talk as that's not why I done it

    • I think he will see it as sincere. It takes effort to place thoughts into words on paper and its permanent.

  • I would be more inclined to forgive them since they put so much effort into apologizing. After you have sent the letter (which I think is a good idea) I would leave him alone to heal for a bit and then hopefully he will come back around again and you can begin talking