I miss hanging out with friends all the time..

A few years ago I had 3 best friends who I'd call to hang out with whenever I wanted to chill. Now I never talk to one of them, the other ones always busy, and the third I rarely talk to just at school sometimes. I have a new best friend but he can never hang out cause his parents are way overprotective and plus they don't like me for no reason. I want to get more friends so I can hang out with people or I don't know if it would be weird if I just texted someone I'm some what friends with and asked them if they wanted to hang out sometime..idk suggestions?


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  • I understand I kinda have the same problem

    my best friend lives half an hour away so we can't

    really hang out my other friend an't hang out cause

    she got in trouble and won't be hanging out for a

    while and finally my last friend is always busy or has

    drama with her girlfriends.

    So I understand how you feel and sometimes i

    feel like doing the same thing. :[