Online dating, do you think?

Do you think online dating GREATLY contributes to men and women attempting to find a person that meets their unrealstic expectations?

I think it does because there will always be something better or new, someone that meets more of you standards, this is what tells us that we need to keep looking, and we get seduced into thinking that the perfect match is out there in the world waiting for us.

Women might want a man that is ONLY six feett tall, when in reality, according to statistics, the vast majority of men are not six feet tall.

Men might want a woman who is thick, curvy, or really skinny, when in reality the vast majority of women don't meet this criteria.

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  • Not a fan of it.


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  • I'm taking my online dating really slow I just met this guy and we're going on our fourth date this Saturday!

    • did you read the full thing

    • Sorry I was using my cell at the moment. My laptop wasn't working sorry.

  • I think online dating is stupid and hopeless for most.

    One - The could be hiding or lying about something on their profile
    Two - They could be located in a different area then you and you might have found someone but are you will to go that far to see them
    Three - Time it takes

    I mean why can't you be old fashion and just talk to people
    Old fashion is the real way in my opinion.


What Guys Said 1

  • ... or they r SHY to express their preferences and they rather blend wid da crowd?