Should people be more conscientious of possible incompatabilies of mental illness when searching for a potential SO?

Has the toll lady ever given *you* money?

  • It isn't nice to make fun of the mentally ill, and of course people should be more conscientious of that! If, say, a severely depressed person attempted to date someone who believed that aliens had replaced his/her brain with ABC gum, it might put him/her over the edge!
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  • Of course not, don't be silly. If he/she really loved me we'd make it work no matter what!
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  • What does this have do do with anything? We're fine and not insane in the least *ghoulish tittering*
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  • Im actually an extra tettestrial, my name is steve. What up? Ya'know that hershey-kiss-thing on your head isn't doing anything, right?
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  • if she was attractive... ha... ok i'd tolerate it

    • But would you be concerned that any psychological defects of hers might directly conflict with any of yours?

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    • "Your overconfidence will be your undoing"

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  • If you loved each other then you would probably find a way to make it work


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