Why does my boyfriend get jealous so easily?

Everytime im w. My boyfriend & he sees me talking to someone , like a guy or a girl he gets really jealous or when im on the phone with him & he hears me talking to sumone in the background he always asks who is that & hangs up abruptly when i dont pay him attention. I even noticed that everytime my phone rings or i get a text message & i go to see my phone u could see it in his face that he gets really mad. Which i dont understand cuz he's always on his phone to & i dont get mad. So my question is why does he get so mad & jealous when he sees me talking to someone, especially another guy?


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  • because he is insecure, A guy is only insecure about losing his girls, when he knows someone else can treat her better. Thats a fact. Jealousy is an insecurity.

    • An insecure man, is a dangerous to a women. Because he will turn out to be controlling, abusive or even worst killing her. A man needs to find himself first, before he finds his women. that's another fact for you.

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    • Well sorry to say its going to kill your relationship. Your relationship won't last, that's fact. I could go into a lot more detail. But I will leave it for now.

    • The problem with people these days, they are too desperate and needy, now if you are are desperate and needy person, two things will happen, you will either repel the opposite sex, or you will attract someone like yourself, desperate and needy, that will create a dysfunctional relationship, so the relationship will not last anyway. Make sure you are happy single, and complete independent in all areas of your life. just Cause you married, does not mean you should be dependent on them. Two desperate and needy people together, is a fake relationship. True love is when two people come together, and they don't need each other for anything. That's love.

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  • He's insecure.

    • QA we not born insecure, we have accumulated them, through events that have happened in our lives, parents, friends etc.
      Its likes dogs, a lot of dogs become insecure because we bring our own insecurities on them. We also the cause of aggressive dogs. Aggressive dogs are not the problem, the human race is the problem for bad dog behaviour.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBZPeE4ICck watch this video, watch how a secure dog deals with a insecure human. But if the dog was insecure, then there would be trouble. That pitbull would of killed him.

  • well that's not fair.

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