How long should I wait?

for the second date with the guy I like? I mean to arrange the first date we had many downs but we manage to pull it through and just last weekend we hang out for the first time after we met 2 months ago. Idont want to soudnb cling or pushy or desesperate to this guy to go out with him again since guys do not like clingy women. But The second date I dont want to take place in other 2 months, is not fair if I want to get to know more that guy. On the first date we made out passionately, we hugged. But I guess the guy wanted to make out with me since we first met 2 months ago but he could not do it unti our frist date last Saturday.
He is 42 im 44 and we are both single. How to bring up the issue again to him of going out again eventually without sounding so clingy or desesperate to see him again?

I mean we both know that we dont want kids and he is very independent but for hte way he is and his personaluty he is not the marrying type and Im not the marrying type either but taht I believe does not mean a couple can date and hang out without those future committments, we can date like any other person if he wants to pursue that of course..
This was my real true first date with a guy in my life.


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  • is this da same guy who was about to have his b-day soon?

    • Well yup sorrry

    • is not soon anyway his bday is June 24

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  • wait a few days.