What is the difference between dating and hanging out? Discuss!

How do you know if you are on a date or just hanging out?

There are some obvious answers but I had this discussion with some friends and it became a hot topic between the girls and guys.



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  • Most people act like there is some unwritten, divine law that draws an exact line between hanging out and going on a date. when the only difference is a date is romantic and hanging out is more for friends, not people in relationships.


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  • dating= he has intentions on a relationship or leading up to it; he will take you out on like a typical date and PAY for it, he tries to make sure you have a good time, he asks you out a few days in advance

    hanging out= he sees you as a friend or just wants to hit; you will just chill at his house or a friends, if you stop at a place to eat you pay for yours or go dutch, its just casual, he texts/calls sort of last minute