Does it sound like my date likes me?

Long story short, I've been talking to this guy for about a week or so now. He's almost texted me every single day with a good morning and goodnight text, even texting me to hear how my day was. Today was the first day that we met and everything went great. He was really nice to me and said that I looked even more beautiful in person than I did on my photo. He asked me what I was looking for (whether I wanted a relationship). He's been texting me good morning and goodnight for the past week now.

When our date finished, he hugged me and said we should meet again. Half an hour after we met up he sent me a text to say he enjoyed our meeting and we texted back and forth. He later on texted me goodnight.

Does it sound like my date is into me and is genuine? (I know my question might sound a bit silly but I've been hurt quite a few times in the past)


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  • yeah!! he wants a relationship with you


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  • sounds like... since he gave u a hug!


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  • yes he does!