What do you look for when you start dating someone?...for guys and girls

does a guy after dating the girl for over a few months want a housewife that cleans and cooks or does it scare you away?

or do you want a free spirit, doesn't call every 5 mins and send lovey dovey stuff to your phone when your gone? does that freak you out?

and girls, do you like more sensitive or more independent and manly men?


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  • I like independent, strong, educated girls. If they have the potential to get a good job in the future, that's great. The last thing I need after returning home from work is my wife telling me how awesome Operah was today.

    She shouldn't call me every 5 minutes. She should have her own life.

    • Was asking if it was creepy and annoying lol. obviously she should have her own life....but is it nice to know she's taking care of the house? is that something you look for while dating or its just a plus later on when it gets serious

    • Both really. Girls who want to do more than cook and clean for a man are attractive to me. It's not creepy if they call, but it is annoying and shows they are insecure. She doesn't have to clean the house, we'll just pay for a cleaner with a combined income.

      I have dated the cooking, cleaning and calling sorts in the past. They are generally very boring.

    • Thanks!

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  • I want the free-spirited girl who DOESN'T call every 5 min.--that would be unbearable to me. No, I wouldn't want a housewife after a few months, that's insane. I'm not a very affectionate type, so the mushy stuff would be nice only on occasion.


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