Should I just stay out of this situation or warn my best mate?

Names used aren't real.
My friend Ted is seeing my best friend Sarah. Well, sort of. He is very into her and considers her to basically be his girlfriend when they've only been 'dating' 2 weeks. I warned Sarah beforehand that he gets ahead of himself and he can be weird with girls (he's very odd with girls as she is finding out). She's not that into him but considers him to be a friend at this stage. She doesn't see him as boyfriend material and has told him that she's seeing other guys at the same time, keeping her options open. I don't see how she can't see that they are at least least 'seeing each other' because they hang out just them 2 even if she does consider him to be a mate, it's evident that he likes her. He's far too into her and sees so much being there that isn't there, so much more than she likes him.
The whole thing is just going to turn into a painful slow motion car crash and I'm sitting there watching it all unfold. I feel like I should tell her something but I know she will blurt it out to him, he will deny it and then I will be the bad guy.
Is it best to just sit and watch it happen rather than getting involved?


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  • Both of your friends are being idiots. And if you're the only one willing to call it like it is, just make sure to firstly talk to your friend. Tell him what she told you, that she's not interested in dating him. That she sees him as a friend, and that if he doesn't believe you he should just ask her straight up.
    Or better yet, when you're all hanging out ask her about the other guys she's seeing, and if she doesn't want to talk about it, then offer to be her wingman or wingmen. Show your friend that she's not dating him.
    If that doesn't work, tell her straight up that whether she wants to admit it or not she's put your friend in the friend zone and she either needs to tell him it's never going to happen or stop hanging out with him and confusing the dude more.


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  • Nope put in your two cents. What's the point in holding back when it'll all unfold anyway?


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  • if it's for his own good... u should talk bro :)

    • Yeah, if I see him soon I think I will. He barely knows her and his bloody phone background is her. It's weird how into her he is. He gets too into girls and she's too na├»ve in not calling a date a date even if they are just friends right now.