My best guy friends girlfriend is a B*TCH?

So my best guy friends girlfriend is a freckin b*tch. She hates everybody for no reason. And i hear her always call Travis (my guyfriend) "retarded" and she's says "oh i dont even like him", "hes stupid." Does Travis deserve to know about it? Is it wrong for me to tell Travis that she calls him retarded? because im upset about it.


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  • how can he tolerate her then?

    • i dont know. she makes him give her his facebook password. but he's not allowed to have her password. she has him wrapped right around her finger.

    • man... that's really bossy... maybe he's afraid of her

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  • I'd record it so you got proof of it
    of her saying all those things, and with that I'd tell Travis

    • recording indeed.

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    • just pretend to be using your phone while recording, there are apps for it

    • yea i will have to be sneaky

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  • I don't think it's helpful for travis to know it. I'd tell her to shut up or tell him herself.

  • If "retarded" is the only word she is using then I'd love to be called that. Once you hit the real world you will hear more than that lol. Yes tell him

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