Will it be too soon?

There is a guy that I like that I met 2 months ago, until last weekend we had our first date after those 2 months. I hope he had a good time with me as Im sure I did with him. We made out tongue included hehe. He complimentend me on the way I look that day he liked it. The thing is that he is into healthy lifestyle and working out. He practices Raw Fitness and also surfs. SInce this is too soon I know, I know that in order to pursue him in a way for us to end up hanging out often I need to take things slowly and not act like a desesperate clingy woman at my 40 something of age. He is 42. We talked on our first date that we both clearly want to remain single and no kids for the moment. I mean not that we were talking about our future together but we talked what we see ourselves for the future. When we text each other Im the one who always intiitate the conversation but when I do he replies but he is not that talkative on the phone, he can skip questions that I ask for the moment but answered me others. The thing is that in order for me to lets say make him know im interested in him and that he knows I think about him. SOmetimes I lwantto text or send him random things on his phone soemthing that may lift his ego like guys like but also doing that I can keep getting to know him better and we an have a conversation of random things not necessarily personal. Could I do that? Of course I wotn do that everyday cause that will saturate him and make him tired and I be sound clingy or needed for his attention.

I found on Facebook a photo of him doing some acrobatic movement in some Raw Fitness training last year. H He was upside down with his feet up in straight line position. Well I want to random text him one fo these days and compliment him on that photo saying something like. Wow Michael you are one smart or cool guy doing taht acrobatic movement!! or soemthing like that. I want to say just that so I can talk to him again and kee our conversation always flowing in some way even if we do not see
each other that much hopefully we will see soon again. I mean always text him to ay something about him maybe he wants to hear things about him, guys like things liek that.


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  • Are you falling in love with him? Because to me it sounds like he wants to have an open relationship, if you can call it a relationship. Don't get sucked into an ampty space with a heart full of love and expectations. Know what he wants and what you are into.

    • *empty space. I'm typing on my phone.

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    • What your age has suppose to mean to what we were talking aboit here?

    • I forgot also to mention that after our date when each one was in our respective houses I texted him something that maybe I should have said it. If I did was because i was very happy how the date went and also beaue we made out very passionately before so maybe he did not mind reading what I wrote. I told him in a joking way "I forgot to touch your ripped abs lol lol!!" and he responded "In the next one, good night". If I told him that was not only because I was happy for the kiss but also because he is into healthy lifestyle and training and like to talk a lot about working out and training.

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  • You're likely going to need to throttle back on the whole texting thing. Not everyone from our age group has fully bought into the whole text/smartphone culture/necessity, or is even that communicative. Many of us prefer to be face to face, present with those we care about, like before cel phones.

    • I totally agree that the face to face is the best thing that im sure but I dont know when am I going to see him again I know it won't be sson so in the meantime the only way we can still be in touch is by phone or text.

    • I understand. Just allow him to do the initiating of contacts. Let him pursue. Allow hi m tocommunicate at his own speed. This will also let you see just how serious and interested he is in pursuing dating you.

    • I guess he maybe interested in hanging out with me but not serious cause in the date he told me the way he talekd it seem he is not interested in having kids or marrying and loose his independence that easily. Im in a similar boat like him but still there are friends or even couples who hang out often with the same lifestyle. I will like that why not, especially if I haven't been in that department before I want to experience how is to date a guy that I finally like and have many things in common. Also since I met him he is not very talkative over the phone he does answer and talk a bit when I text him, but like he takes the initiative to do it so./ He has not just one time he did it but just to tell me that he could not go out with me that day and he had to cancel, other than that if I dont text he won't do it on his own. Some tell me that guys are not like into texting that much and maybe if they do not do it is because you are doing something else at the same time you text.

  • if he was interested he'd text 1st...

    ... :|


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  • way too soon!

    • I mean but could I do that lett say next week and pass some days since I saw him

    • too soon to text him after seeing him on Saturday even just to tell him I saw pic of him on facebook doing that amazing stunt? How long should I wait? I mean I know I have to be patient and take things slowly with him