Signs that my boyfriend is serious?

Like what are signs that I should watch out for to know if my boyfriend loves me?
Like he doesn't want our relationship to end but he is only starting to invest financially at 30. He doesn't have a 5 year goal because his job is unstable and he doesn't like what he does. Help, I want to help him be his best but sometime I don't know I should try hard bc he is not financially stable or ready for a family. I want a family in 3 -4 years when I am 29/30. How do I know he loves me?


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  • You just have to trust him. None of us can make you feel that.

    If you're trying to settle down and dont think he will cut it as a provider then save yourself the heartbreak and dump him now.


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  • If he does sacrifices for you or if he is willing to compromise for the sake of your relationship, he loves you. Otherwise, he does not.