Keep it casual or go all in?

This girl exhibits a lot of signs of liking me, plus her friends have implied that she does. She's normally very confident and outgoing, but around me she acts differently. She tries to pretend to her friends that she just thinks I'm super weird and annoying, she's always super sarcasitc and teasing, and she'll never text me first. When we text, she usually responds pretty quickly, but then she'll always just disappear when she goes to sleep (pretty consistently the same time, but always without warning). Still though, she'll often initiate contact in person and whenever we do talk she's clearly interested and laughs. I'm planning on asking her out when I see her this weekend, but I'm not sure how casual to keep it. Since she's so shy and closed off around me, I'm afraid if I ask her on a "real date" she might get scared and say no. But on the other hand, if I just ask her out for coffee or something super simple, I'm afraid she'll think I'm not really that interested in being more than friends (I think she already fears that which is why she's so closed). Which should I do?

I also took her to prom, and she told me she had a really good time. But beyond that, we've never been more than just part of the same friend group.


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  • go all in!


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  • What is super simpler than 'just coffee'? Ask her out on a date, dude. Say, "Are you dating anyone tonight?" If she says no you say, "Yes you are. You're dating me tonight."

    … oh and can you sign this waiver that says you can't sue me if that doesn't work?

    • Haha, this is great. Thanks, I actually might use this

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