What should I do about this girl I really like?

There's this girl I've known for a couple months now, and I've developed a huge crush on her. I met her through the orchestra at our university. I got closer to her when I asked her to play in a composition I wrote. On the day before our concert, her friend walked up to me and asked if I wanted to eat dinner at the girl's apartment. I decided to go, but was confused because I hardly knew her. On the day of the concert, the orchestra had an after party at another person's house and we hung out most of the night. A week later, the jazz band was performing a concert, and she asked me to go with her. At first, I thought it would be a group of friends, but I was shocked when it was only her.
One day, after rehearsing the piece I composed, me, the girl, and another girl, went to get dinner together. Somehow we got on the topic of dating, and the girl I like revealed that she's never had a boyfriend and that only one guy asked her out, but he turned out to gay. I've never had a girlfriend either, and no girl has ever asked me out.
Unfortunately, she's gotten too close to the other girl, and every time she wants to hang out, the other comes along. I think shejust considers me a friend now. Anyways, I have been too much of a wimp to ask her out because of several reasons. She mentioned this other guy she's been flirting with a couple weeks ago. I've seen the way she acts around him, and she's acts really girly and constantly touches him.
She makes me feel very special, though. She is always willing to talk to me and always asks how my day was. She's always baking cookies for me to try. She doesn't mind touching me, and has even put her hands on my cheeks, IN PUBLIC! I don't tell her I like her for several reasons: I'm not that attractive, I have extreme social anxiety, she probably would have asked me out herself if she felt I was taking too long. If I do tell her, how do I word it? I don't what to say to her!


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  • hhhahahahaha she likes u man... wot r u afraid of?


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  • just ask her out!


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